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Forrest Yoga for Chronic Conditions & Illnesses

chroniciconChronic conditions include asthma, high blood pressure, eating disorders, addictions, depression and diseases of the immune system (HIV, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, etc.). Illnesses include cancer, hernias and pneumonia.
People with chronic conditions or illnesses tend to think that they can't do yoga, when in fact there is quite a bit of research out there showing that yoga can help relieve symptoms like pain, anxiety, stress and depression. In short, having a regular yoga practice can help improve several aspects of your quality of life.
Classes for students with chronic conditions and illnesses are custom-made and carefully sequenced to ensure the student's safety and comfort.
If you suffer from a chronic condition or illness and would like to improve your quality of life,
please complete the enquiry form or give me a call. For me, one of the most fulfilling aspects of teaching Forrest Yoga is seeing it make a difference in my students' life.

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